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Part of UK2 Group, 100TB is a leading provider of web hosting solutions which operates on a global scale. 100TB store and serve data from 20 locations around the world in partnership with SoftLayer, and operate three world class fully-owned data centres in Salt Lake City, New York City and London.

100TB was founded in 2008 as 10TB.com - at the time, nobody thought it was possible to offer 10TB of monthly bandwidth with every server we sold. But we delivered on our promise.

In March 2010, 100TB.com was launched - we started offering 100TB of monthly bandwidth with all our servers. Nobody believed we could do this either, but we upgraded all of our existing customers for free and changed the high bandwidth market. We delivered again.

Responsive custom built framework

A custom WordPress them was hand coded for this large scale e-commerce website using PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. The site is fully responsive and was built using a natural liquid/responsive style.

All content and images scale to fit any layout, the home page has a full height hero image. The navigation is a modern mobile style hamburger menu which acts like a breadcrumb to show the users location within the site. The header becomes stuck to the top of the browser once the main hero has been scrolled past, maintaining an easily navigated site, the pages are also colour coded by navigational category. The back-end of this site was built to be simple for non developers to add, remove and control what is displayed to the user for each individual page.


100tb's blog has a more generic blog style layout, which will be familiar to most people. The blog pushes featured articles to the homepage and displays important updates at the bottom of the home page hero as a ticker style notice.


ARIA is used to describe the roles of elements such as navigation, banner, main, as well as the usual language attributes.


100tb.com's site was a massively enjoyable build, with a lot of problem solving and coming up with innovative ways to allow the content writers to add and control the look of the website.