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A not for profit website dedicated to promoting the benefits of mindfulness. The potential benefits of mindfulness are huge and wide-ranging. To a large extent, the benefits depend on the mind which enters this process to begin with. Some people for example may benefit most from a greater connection with their body while others get the most benefit from learning how to deal with troublesome thoughts.

Everyday-mindfulness has achieved a huge twitter following of over 72,000 followers including J.K.Rowling and Davina Mccall

Responsive custom built WordPress theme

The theme was created with simplicity in mind, maintaining a whole zen type feel. The user is able to add pages, new articles, categories, add images and update slider carousels easily from the administration area. I also created various social media images and branding, which are used across twitter and Facebook.

I built this site on the Genesis framework using a mobile first approach, starting with the smallest version of the site then by using CSS3's media queries have adapted the layout to fit all devices.

The client required to be able to pull twitter feeds into the site with links to the latest tweets, which is viable from the homepage of the site beside the carousel.


A further requirement was to include a forum which was a custom theme was created for phpBB and is currently linked to from the main navigation on the site.

Everyday-mindfulness.org also required a forum for people who are just starting out their mindfulness practice. Mindfulness is a really difficult concept to get your head around at first, and it might be that you would benefit from undertaking an 8-week mindfulness course, or at least working their way through one of the many mindfulness texts.