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Based in the heart of start-up territory in Shoreditch, London, UK2.net is Britain’s local web hosting company. But they are also part of the UK2 Group, which has a number of hosting brands in America, so they've got international clout, too.

Their timeline stretches back almost 2 decades. As veterans of the industry and know web hosting inside out.

Since they started, they have sold more than a million website addresses - aka domain names. Plus, people have gone to them from more than 200 worldwide destinations for their cutting-edge services.

Responsive custom built framework

A custom framework was hand coded for this large scale e-commerce website using PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. The site is fully responsive and was built using a natural liquid/responsive style.

All content and images scale to fit any layout, in the case of the hero's however UK2 desired the ability to display a different image for each device as larger scaled images would lose detail when scaled down.


Uk2.net also required a blog which was built with WordPress, to include similar styles that would complement the main site. With a grid style homepage which uses custom sized featured images, a testimonials section, theme customizer with built in social media section. This theme is also fully responsive and is built in an easily configurable way for the copywriters to input content, add images, update testimonials and much more.


ARIA is used to describe the roles of elements such as navigation, banner, main, as well as the usual language attributes.


UK2.net site was a really enjoyable build, taking designs and turning them into a multi-layered responsive, cross browser website with strong design and possibly the cleanest HTML and CSS coding to date.