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This is my blog, where I share my knowledge of WordPress. I wanted somewhere that in my spare time would be able to create and advance my own skills by creating little project and teaching others.

Responsive custom built theme

I built this site mobile first, using CSS3 media queries to maintain a beautiful experience on every device.

As an alternative to the standard top navigation I chose to place mine on the left of the screen to minimise any distractions from the reader. Each of the categories uses a different colour text and button to aid with the clarity of the site

I created a individual style which I think is unlike any other blog, with clear to read typefaces and easy to copy code blocks.

I also occasionally share my poplar starter themes, a single page portfolio theme and a multi page starter blog theme which I regularly use on most of my WordPress projects. Both come complete with theme customizers, contact pages, sitemaps and social abilities straight out of the box.